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The Wiltshire School of Gymnastics

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Wiltshire School of Gymnastics offer gymnastics classes for all abilities from Pre-school to international elite gymnasts.


Pre-school gymnastics comprises a number of different classes designed to introduce children to gymnastics. The emphasis is on fun and classes are offered for babies from 6 weeks to school age.


Once children are at school full time they can move into Recreational gymnastics classes. The structure of 'rec' classes allows the young gymnast to work through a series of badges from Badge 8 through to Badge 1.


Trampolining classes are also available starting from age 3.

Pre-school Classes




Baby Gym


Babies 8 weeks to crawling


40 minute session for babies and their parents during which we show you how to exercise your baby to music, maintaining their flexibility and muscle tone, and use some gym apparatus for hanging, rolling and bouncing.


Cheeky Monkeys


Babies aged 8 weeks to crawling


90 minute session involving gymnastic free-play and and introduction to baby massage and other similar activities. The price includes a cup of tea or coffee.


Slow Worms


Crawling babies to toddlers of 2


45 minute session which begins with action songs followed by free-play on specialised gym apparatus where children learn how to balance on planks and beams, swing on rings, crawl through tunnels and lots more under the supervision of qualified coaches.


Bunny Hoppers


Toddlers from 2 to 3 1/4


45 minute session to encourage parent and child to work together in a structured and progressive way with the emphasis on FUN, during which children will learn how to jump, balance, swing and roll using the floor and gym apparatus. Manipulative skills are improved using bean bags, hoops etc and music is introduced to encourage the child's rhythm.


Top Cats


Children from 31/4 to 5


45 minute session during which children learn how to work independently, building their confidence in a safe environment, supervised by fully qualified coaches. Circuits are set up to develop their gymnastics skills, which helps to enhance their levels of fitness in preparation for recreational gymnastics classes once they start school.


Pre-school Trampolining


Age 3+


30 minute session on the floor level trampoline to learn basic skills and work towards badges. Fun and games are used to provide a most enjoyable class.




Additional Needs are catered for with one-to-one sessions available for children with a disability. Please call the gym and speak to reception for more information.




Recreational Classes




Recreational gymnastics is well structured but still alot of fun. The classes give the gymnast experience on the four main pieces of apparatus as they work through the BAGA badge scheme.


Recreational Gymnastics & Trampoline:


For children at full time school


The structure of this class allows gymansts to learn and develop their basic skills as they progress through the British Gymnastics Award Scheme.



Proficiency Award Gymnastics:


For those children who have passed British Gymnastics badges 8 to 1, allowing progression through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Scheme.



Teen Recreational Gym:


For girls and boys aged 12 to 15 years.


This class offers a relaxed opportunity to experience gymnastics.



Freestyle Gym:


For children aged up to 15 years old.


This class provides the opportunity for participants to come and practice skills from any gymnastics discipline, with the general focus being on a wide range of acrobatic and vault work.  



Adult Gym:


On a pay-as-you-go basis, although the class is very popular and numbers are restricted. Supervised by qualified coaches, the class is open to beginners up to advanced level, aged 16 years and older.























Private hire is also available for schools and nurserys working with children with disabilities, allowing the children to access the gym run by qualified coaches. Again, please contact reception for more information.

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